Post Abortion Recovery Program

Crisis Pregnancy Intervention and Counseling
May 7, 2014
Many ladies who chose abortion at one point in their lives live in self-pity, condemnation and regret. They are always taunted with the thought that theirs is the worst case and that they can never find healing and forgiveness from God.

Our post-abortion recovery program is a place where post-abortive women are accepted and loved. It is a non-judgmental, safe and confidential forum where these women confront their choice and its consequences, confront and release all the emotions they’ve been tacking up safely in the innermost chambers of their hearts, and grieve their losses. They go through a post-abortion recovery Bible study, as well as have a place to belong, share their experiences and help each other find healing and restoration. It’s not about the number of abortions they’ve procured, but rather the pain and regret that unites them.
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