Who we Are


To restore the gift of sex and sexuality to its original intent.


To raise moral standards among women in the society by teaching biblical truths on sex and sexuality, addressing pitfalls and bringing healing and restoration on the same in the place of compromise or abuse.

Our strength as an organization is to sensitize, intervene and educate people on Crisis Pregnancy and Abortion, and facilitation of healing programs on abortion, sexual abuse and sexual entanglement. We also do prevention by creating awareness on responsible sexual choices and relationship matters through our mentorship programs, workshops, conferences and seminars and other speaking engagements. We also have a counselling department that tackles broader issues. We are also reaching out to teen mothers by offering them education and life skills to give them hope and a second chance to life.


PEARLS advocates for and is an acronym that stands for: Purity, Elegance, Abstinence, Righteousness, Loveliness and Self-control

Purity: Freedom from moral taint Elegance: Dignified grace Abstinence: To choose to refrain from sex until marriage Righteousness: Morally justifiable and being right with God Loveliness: Admirable in character Self-Control: Exercising restraint over feelings, emotions and reactions

While a treasure is something of great value or worth.