Moses Basket Project

Moses BasketThis project is inspired by the Bible story of Moses, a man who God used powerfully to rescue the children of Israel from slavery, but who wouldn't have accomplished his purpose if he was not rescued and cared for by the Pharaoh’s daughter when the King of Egypt ordered the killing of the innocent sons of the Hebrew women because of the Egyptians insecurities. When we intervene in a crisis pregnancy we seek to save both the baby and the mother. We believe that life is precious, no matter the circumstances it was conceived, life begins in the heart and mind of God and every life has a purpose to fulfill on earth.

From our crisis pregnancy intervention program we receive very needy girls who may need support with baby clothes and items. We started this project to help meet the practical needs of these girls and other vulnerable women. We receive donations of baby clothes and items to help support the babies we are trying to rescue.

We also collect toys for the crèche where the young mothers’ can come and leave their babies under care as they attend the different forums we run since they can’t afford day care. We also visit public hospitals and rescue homes to give these items to needy mothers.