The society at large is unhealthy and hurting because of individuals’ wrong choices in the area of their sexuality. Humans have so much depreciated in morals and begun to behave like animals in regard to their sexuality. We can see the results of these wrong choices from issues like the high rate of rape, sexual abuse and incest especially to minors, addiction to sex and pornography therefore multiple sexual activity, a high rate of unplanned pregnancies, which result to single parenthood or abortions, STIs, anger and bitterness from affected individuals, which makes an angry society.

We believe that man was created in God’s image and likeness, where image is form, while likeness is personality, character, intellect, emotions, mind; therefore man has the ability to think, to reason, to feel and to MAKE HEALTHY CHOICES in accordance to 2nd Pet 1:3, 4.

Our programs are designed not only to prevent by bringing an individual to understand the right perspective of sex and sexuality, but also to bring holistic sexual healing to those who need it. We seek to help any single person to look beyond sex as a commercial or social activity and to understand the sacredness and intent of it from the creator’s perspective. We equip participants to believe and understand that God has equipped them with the ability and power to make informed, healthy and responsible choices in regard to their sexuality, and to bring healing and restoration on the same through intervention and counseling. We create awareness on abortion issues as well.

Our Uniqueness

The uniqueness of our content is that it is scripture based and therefore our solutions come from the scripture and also takes the participants through scriptural references of God’s original intent of all the above subjects most importantly sex and the sanctity of life. It therefore encourages and disciples the participant to have a walk with God and involve Him in every detail of their lives and most importantly their sexuality.

Though our programs are mainly for women we have other forums that accommodate young men as well.