The Team

The Team

These are some of the people behind the success of Pearls and Treasures Trust.

Dr. Faith Kimani - Gitau

Faith is a practicing dentist who has always had a passion for empowering women and girls. Sensing the need to make a difference and God’s leading, she joined Pearls & Treasures Trust in 2016 as a volunteer. One of her first roles was to spearhead the Hadassah Mentorship program at Kamae Borstal Institution, a task she carried out diligently and that reaffirmed her passion to work with young girls mentoring them on sexuality and relationships.
Now serving as Executive Director, Faith is responsible for strategic planning to achieve the organization’s vision and mission, day to day running of the programs and activities, staff and volunteers’ management as well as overall financial management.
She is a trained youth mentor, linda uhai ambassador, crisis pregnancy and post abortion counsellor and is also pursuing a master’s degree in Public Health at Kenyatta University. In future, Faith hopes to set up mentorship groups for young girls in every sub county in Kenya where open and candid talks can take place on the subject of sex and relationships. She also hopes to create a “mentorship chain “where trained girls can be empowered to train their peers. Faith is married to Dr. Jeremiah Gitau and together they have two boys.

Grace Njeri /

Grace is passionate about seeking solutions to challenges affecting the youth specifically girls and women within our communities, she joined Pearls & Treasures in 2016 as a Volunteer and was involved in the door to door awareness on Abortion in Mathare Slums. Grace currently serves full time at Pearls & Treasures as an Administration and Finance Assistant since 2017, her main role being to oversee the general day to day running of the office providing leadership to the support staff. She is able to utilise her gift in administration.
Grace has also been able to participate in speaking engagements. At Pearls & Treasures she has successfully been able to attend a number of in house trainings such as Crisis Pregnancy Intervention Counsellor’s Training, Post Abortion Recovery Counsellor’s (PASG) Training and the Hadassah mentorship program.
Grace wants to see a society where Post Abortive women will be able to talk about their stories without stigmatization and receive the help they so desire, a society that embraces sexual purity until Marriage.
Grace hopes to be instrumental in creating awareness on the issues that affect girls & women. Pearls & Treasures is indeed keen to making this happen.
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