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Flora’s Abortion Story

Flora is using her abortion story to educate women on how abortion affects one emotionally and psychologically after she got her healing from Pearls and Treasures Trust. Listen to her story… 0100

Ivy’s Story

Ivy who was married found herself in a crisis pregnancy when her husband refused responsibility of the pregnancy and asked her to have an abortion. She shares the story of her pain of abortion in a marriage setting. Listen to her story… 0000

Noel’s Story

When I finally woke up it was already past 8:00 pm, I was lying on a hospital bed. Several hours had passed since I visited the clinic that morning. I wondered what had happened to me those 12 hours that I had been unconscious. I could remember clearly that I was well that morning and… Read More »

Beatrice’s Story

Coming from a poor family, Beatrice was a young vulnerable girl joining form one and having nothing to her name, even a pair of uniform. A teacher who was well known to her family, and who she trusted because he would also help her widowed mother pay their bills, offered to help her with personal… Read More »