Beatrice’s Story

By | March 18, 2015
Beatrice working as a volunteer

Beatrice working as a volunteer

Coming from a poor family, Beatrice was a young vulnerable girl joining form one and having nothing to her name, even a pair of uniform. A teacher who was well known to her family, and who she trusted because he would also help her widowed mother pay their bills, offered to help her with personal necessities and her school uniform and books. Like every other little girl yearning to know a father’s love and provision she grew close to this teacher and learnt to trust him as he assumed the place of her father in her life. Little did she know that what posed as a caring father figure and respectable teacher in the school was a child abuser.

Because of their closeness, and her innocent trust in Him, Beatrice’s teacher gave her the extra key to his house where she could access at any time. He would instruct her on the house chores that needed to be done and Beatrice would return His kindness by faithfully reporting every evening to cook, clean and wash! In her innocence and vulnerability she didn’t know that Mr X was slowly getting her comfortable to his private environment and calculating his moves to turn her into prey. Soon enough Beatrice called Mr X’s house her second home and even started to spend nights there. After all he was well known to the family and the people around them, she reasoned.

Mr X soon convinced this little girl that he loved her and it was okay for them to have sex. Coming from a place of deprived love and rejection, Beatrice begun to feel loved and appreciated for once in her life, especially by a man of his calibre. The more she gave him sex the more she got what she needed, upkeep, clothing and personal effects. She became the envy of her peers, all this while not understanding that Mr X was taking advantage of her naivety. Beatrice had been brainwashed so much that even when people talked about her she didn’t feel ashamed. After all she was told by an authority figure that what they were doing is okay.

Beatrice soon became pregnant and had to tell this man who she thought loved her that she was pregnant with him. Mar. X, as expected denied responsibility saying that he was unable to make a woman pregnant. He accused her of being unfaithful to Him and having sex with other men. Beatrice was lost for words because they both knew that Beatrice was a virgin when she started the affair with Mr X. Beatrice was so distraught. She explained herself and begged, Mr X pretending to be concerned took her to hospital for test and claimed to be an uncle who is concerned about Beatrice’s teenage behaviours and therefore demanded for a pregnancy test. When it turned out positive Mr X took Beatrice home and lovingly convinced Beatrice to have an abortion. He paid a mere three thousand for the abortion to be done. “It was the most painful experience of my life” as Beatrice would testify years later.

Beatrice had to transfer to another school after what happened. Mr X became hostile to her, even to the point of failing her in exams. She realized that he never truly loved her and was so heart-broken. She felt that a big part of her had been ripped off from her, more so because of the abortion. She was so emotionally disturbed that she didn’t concentrate in school work, even after she transferred. All she wanted to do and did was cry, and she cried so much.

After completing her high school education she became promiscuous. She felt so much pain in her heart and such worthlessness that she thought that only sex would help her heal. She got pregnant again but went through a painful miscarriage. Her sisters used the miscarriage and abortion story to ridicule and stigmatize her even more. All she used to do was cry and sleep. Then somebody told her about the post abortion healing program we run and she came. She successfully completed all the twelve weeks and graduated.

Beatrice now testifies of God’s saving grace, forgiveness, healing and restoration. She has begun to see herself through eyes of Christ and with the worth she was created with. It has been a long journey and sure enough she has a few more steps to go but she is determined to make it through. We are still walking with her and mentoring and discipling her as she volunteers with us.


  • Thanks to Gail Friedman-Barrett of New Life Solutions and Pregnancy Centre of Pinellas, Florida. Through them we have financial support of office rent.
  • We have received a donation of office furniture from Association of Evangelicals in Africa who are our landlord.
  • We are beginning a new program on sexual healing. This is to cater for those who have been sexually abused, or those who have from their choices abused their own sexuality.
  • We have a research team coming on board.

Prayer requests:

  • For volunteers who will be sold out to our vision, to preserve life and restore the gift of sexuality, and who will serve sacrificially.
  • For the launch, that it will be successful and that we will get all we need to make it a success.
  • We still need more office equipment, for donations.
  • For more financial partners.

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